Our Polices

Refund policy for fish
  Guarantee covers only overnight and dose not cover the cost of shipping or any free gifts included. Digital pics of dead fish in original bag must be received within 24 hrs of recite of fish to receive a refund. We are not liable for any loss due to shipping company error and if this should happen guarantee is voided!!! There will be no guarantee on priority mail.

Refund policy for dry goods .
Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back, if not satisfied just send back the item and well send a refund (shipping cost non-refundable) for broken or lost in transit items you must contact the shipper as it is out of our hands when it leaves us. Shipping insurance is available if it is not purchased we are not held liable for any loss.

Shipping and Handling 

We ship fish on Mondays and Tuesdays (weather permitting) and dry goods most days of the week and your items should arrive within the week, but please allow 7-14 day for delivery. Should a item be sold out or on back order we will contact you ASAP.

Please email with your zip for exact S/H costs
         We accept the following form of payment Check, Money Orders and Visa, MasterCard and Discover we also accept Paypal

Checks and E-Checks must clear before items will be sent about 5-7 days after receiving payment

Paypal is setup so you can use your Debit & Credit cards. You can also use EChecks and cash to pay. EChecks will have to clear Paypal before product is sent.

 Please contact us and let us know if you are sending  a Money Order or check.

Our Paypal Address Is : dflorio61@msn.com

Any questions please email me at : dflorio61@gmail.com

There will be a small handling charge ($1.00 to $2.00) for all orders shipped I have a lot of expense to bring these items to you, and the handling charge helps pay for packaging supplies like packaging tape, boxes, labels and peanuts. We also have to pay for printer ink to print the labels, computer, printer, digital camera, postal scale, internet service, phone line, the cost of gas to take it to the package drop off. All this packaging and getting the supplies and sending your item takes time. I am sure that the small amount for the handling fee with each item is not unreasonable.


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