Plant Care Guide

Old leaves turn yellowish/ red

Nitrogen deficiency

Old leaves turn yellowish/ red
Leaf loss and small dead areas

Phosphate deficiency

Black/ brown leaves, plants die

Excess phosphates

Yellow spots on old leaves and yellowish margins on younger leaves

Potassium deficiency

Yellowish margins on young leaves with deformations

Calcium deficiency

Yellow spots on old leaves while veins stay green

Magnesium deficiency

Young leaves turn yellow

Sulfur deficiency

Yellowing leaves starting from the tip then become transparent

Iron deficiency

Yellow spots between the veins,  margins and tips

Zinc deficiency

Plant stays small slow or now growth white deposits on leaves (calcium)

CO2 deficiency

Fish gasp for air on surface

Excess CO2

Sluggish fish no plant growth

Oxygen deficiency

Plants stop growing/ black roots

Substrate problem