Receiving Fish By Mail

Immediately open the bag the fish came in and pour into a fish safe container, make sure it is covered fish will jump when frightened.
Add a small amount of water from the tank you will be housing the fish in, continue to add small amounts of water over time till you have doubled the amount in the container now let the fish sit for a while (15 min) then drain 2/3 of the water out of the container.

 Start the process over again till you have the same amount of water in the container.
The fish are now ready to be put into there new home carefully net them out and place them in there new home. I always turn off the lights when adding new fish it seems to calm them down, a couple of hours will do. Do not over feed at this point since stress from shipping has them vulnerable to disease, you may even want to use a quarantine tank.

We ship all livestock in insulated boxes with heat packs or cold packs as necessary. Bag buddies and pure o2 will be used in every fish bag.